USA: Silver Lake Dredging Plan Moves Ahead

Silver Lake Dredging Plan Moves Ahead

Silver Lake dredging project has received the green light from a school board, reports capegazette.

Cape Henlopen Board of Education is ready to accept sediment from an upcoming dredging project on Rehoboth Elementary School property.

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control officials urge the Silver Lake dredging project which would improve the health of the lake.

The goal of the project is to remove accumulated sediment from the western finger portion of Silver Lake so water quality, the aquatic habitat and the aesthetics of the lake would improve, as well as reduce flooding issues and nutrient levels, reports delmarvanow.

The plan is to provide a solution for recycling and storage of dredged sediments into Geotubes which provide permanent, safe storage .

After a discussion about the contaminants in the sediment was held between the Board of Education and DNREC officials, the Board concluded that the dredging project and sediment storage would not contaminate school property.

DNREC plans to hold a public meeting on this topic and to begin with this project after school year ends.


Dredging Today Staff, January 30, 2013


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