Vantage jack-up wins more work

Offshore driller Vantage Drilling has been awarded more work by CPOC for one of its jack-up drilling rigs. 

The driller informed on Wednesday it had received a letter of award for a new 18 month contract with Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Company (CPOC) for its jack-up rig, the Aquamarine Driller.

Under the contract, CPOC also has four extension options of three-month each, the driller said without providing any details about the value of the contract.

The’s rig’s previous contract was also with CPOC. Namely, the 2009-built jack-up Aquamarine Driller was in April last year awarded a nine-month extension with CPOC in a joint development area between Malaysia and Thailand.

Ihab Toma, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are delighted to continue to work for our client, CPOC. This letter of award recognizes the long track record of excellent performance and hard work of the crew of Aquamarine Driller for our esteemed client CPOC. ”

CPOC serves as the operator under the Joint Operating Agreement between Petronas Carigali JDA Ltd and PTTEP International Limited (PTTEPI) in respect of the exploration and exploitation of petroleum for Block B-17 & C-19 and Block B-17-01 located at the lower part of Gulf of Thailand near the South China Sea.

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