Vår Energi picks catering provider for its oil & gas assets off Norway

Vår Energi picks catering services provider for its oil & gas assets off Norway

Norwegian oil and gas company Vår Energi has handed out a long-term offshore catering deal, covering its assets on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), to ESS Support Services.

Vår Energi

While announcing the five-year contract, Vår Energi explains that the deal encompasses all services related to offshore catering on board its installations on the NCS, setting “high standards” for sustainable delivery. This includes increased utilisation of local content, food, and service delivery both in the north and south regions.  

Kjetil K. Barbo, Vår Energi’s Procurement Manager, remarked: “Vår Energi is committed to deliver a better future and follow a clear and ambitious road map towards more sustainable operations. Together with our suppliers and contractors we see considerable opportunity to work in a more sustainable direction. With this contract we raise the bar and continue to improve in an important area.”

The Norwegian oil and gas player says that ESS intends to use local farmers and food producers that will contribute to reduced climate emissions and “positive ripple effects” in local communities. Some of these local suppliers are Jæder, Prima Brands, Fatland and Kurraas. According to Vår Energi, the new contract with ESS Support will start in November 2022.

Morten Øye, Vår Energi’s Coordinating Main Safety Delegate, said he is glad to see a solution that secures continuity: “Catering services represents critical services and a vital support function in our daily operations offshore. ESS Support has a strong performance record, and the staff are all well-liked members of the Vår Energi offshore family. I’m glad to see continuity and look forward to continuing the cooperation with ESS Support.”

Regarding Vår Energi’s recent developments, it is worth noting that the Norwegian firm unveiled a simplified organisational structure along with management team changes in June 2022 to take full advantage of future growth opportunities.

In addition, after running into delays for the first oil from a project located in the North Sea off Norway, Vår Energi changed its cost estimate for this project in September 2022.

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The first oil is now expected in the third quarter of 2024, compared to the previous timeline in late 2023.