Video: C3 WEC – a machine doing what it’s supposed to do

“We can now confidently say that the machine is doing what it is supposed to do,” Patrik Möller, CEO at CorPower Ocean, is heard as saying at the beginning of the video (see below). The company completed the demonstration of its of C3 wave energy converter earlier in October. 

The wave energy converter underwent 18 months of combined dry and ocean testing to prove its mettle, especially in two areas that are major challenges for wave energy – storm survivability and significant power production.

CorPower’s storm protection mode was proven effective in minimizing motion and loads, providing robust operation in storm conditions, while the new phase control technology called WaveSpring enabled a threefold increase in average power capture for a given buoy size, CorPower Ocean stated after completing the demonstration.

The measured power production with C3 in the ocean was consistent with the expectations from simulation models and prior dry testing with simulated waves. As part of the project, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) issued a “Performance Statement” verifying measured performance.

Watch the video released on October 25 to find out more:

Video: Bengt Melin; Source: CorPower Ocean

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