VIDEO: Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Power Project

VIDEO: Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Power Project

Japan is speeding up with the development of its floating offshore wind projects, in an aim to move away from nuclear power and shift to renewables.

Recently, a floating wind turbine of 2MW capacity started generating power near Nagasaki prefecture. 

In Fukushima prefecture, a group of 11 companies, headed by Marubeni Corporation have installed a 2MW floating turbine. The electricity generated will be transferred through an undersea cable to the seashore, and then transmitted to Tokyo by the existing grid lines. Two further 7-megawatt floating offshore turbines are planned to be constructed at the same location in 2014.

Also, Japanese authorities are working to support the development of offshore wind in the country.

The following video shows the experimental floating offshore wind project in Fukushima:


Offshore WIND Staff, November 10, 2013; Image: GWEC


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