VIDEO: GLNG Tank Roof Lift by Bechtel

VIDEO GLNG Tank Roof Lift by Bechtel

LNG engineer Bechtel posted a few videos of the tank roof lifts from the outside, but it looks completely different from the inside.

This video was taken on the inside of Tank B on the GLNG project – an amazing perspective on lifting 800 tonnes 38 metres above the ground using nothing but air!

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Bechtel recently completed three roof raises across three projects in three consecutive weeks as part of doing business on Curtis Island.

As the LNG plants on Curtis Island continue to take shape, some of the most visual elements were completed in June across the Australia-Pacific LNG, GLNG and Queensland Curtis LNG projects, with three of the six LNG tanks successfully capped with the raising of their roofs.

LNG World News Staff, August 13, 2013