VIDEO: Long Beach Stevedores “Well-Oiled Machine”

Long Beach Stevedores Well-Oiled Machine

Shipping containers across the sea is just a portion of the overall transport process of goods from one destination to another. The journey of huge piles of containers stacked onboard ever growing ships is not over once unloaded in ports.

For some, it is just the beginning. It is up to the “well-oiled stevedore machine” at the port to organize everything and send the containers to their final destination. This part of the job is often given less importance that the shipping itself, but it is as significant in the overall transportation chain.

Organization is key for stevedoring. One mistake could cost millions of dollars and hours or even days of effort.

The following video brings you a taste of  how this well-orchestrated process at the Port of Long Beach looks in practise:

World Maritime News Staff, August 7, 2014