VIDEO: Savannah Harbor Expansion Project on Display

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Corps Connection has just released a video about the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, named ‘On the Road Again: LTG Semonite at SHEP’.

In the video, Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, USACE Commanding General and 54th U.S. Army Chief of Engineers, reports from the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, discussing the dissolved oxygen injection system with Savannah District teammates.

The dissolved oxygen injection system, an environmental mitigation feature of the SHEP, involves installing, operating and maintaining 12 devices called Speece Cones.

These devices inject oxygen into the river to maintain necessary dissolved oxygen (DO) levels during hot, dry months, when oxygen levels typically drop.

Studies show that the planned DO injection system will sustain oxygen levels in the estuary during and after the deepening.

The SHEP will deepen the Savannah harbor and the associated shipping channel from an authorized depth of 42 feet to 47 feet.

This deepening will allow larger, more efficient container vessels to use the East Coast’s second busiest container harbor with fewer weight and tidal restrictions.