VIDEO: Shell explains how 3D WAZ seismic technology works

Shell’s Shelburne Basin Venture Exploration Project marks the first time 3D Wide Azimuth (WAZ) Seismic technology was used in Canada.

VIDEO Shell explains how 3D WAZ seismic technology works

The oil giant has plans  to conduct an exploratory drilling program approximately 250 kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia, consisting of up to seven exploration wells within over a four year period from 2015 to 2019.
Specific drilling locations will be determined using seismic data gathered as part of the Shelburne Basin 3D Seismic Survey.
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is conducting a federal environmental assessment of the proposed Shelburne Basin Venture Exploration Drilling Project. The Agency has invited the public to comment on the potential environmental effects of the project and the proposed measures to prevent or mitigate those effects.
In the following video, Shell explains how the 3D Wide Azimuth technology provides much clearer data in water depths of 1500 to 3500 metres, 250 to 350 kilometres offshore Nova Scotia.



Offshore Energy Today Staff, August 08, 2014


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