VIDEO: Technip’s Spar Transportation and Installation

VIDEO Technip's Spar Transportation and Installation

Technip has a long established track record in deepwater Oil & Gas development. Since 1996, Technip has delivered 14 of the 17 Spar platforms in operation to-date. Technip Spars have been deployed in a water depth range of 590 to 2,382m.

The Spar technology continues to evolve with innovations for: ultra-harsh environments in the North Sea, ice resisting structures and moorings for the Arctic region, condensate storage for remote gas field developments, and open sea floatover installation of large topsides.

Spar hulls have mostly been built in the Company’s fabrication yard in Pori, Finland, but Technip has also built Spar hulls in the US and Malaysia. With Houston as the center of reference in the field, Technip is able to provide Spars from design to delivery.

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Subsea World News Staff, March 08 , 2013: Image: Technip