Viper Subsea Branches Out into Other Markets as Viper Innovations

Viper Subsea is said to be preparing to diversify and grow its business by transferring its technology into new markets.

In preparation, Viper Subsea Technology Limited has formally changed the name of the registered company to Viper Innovations Ltd.

The trading name of Viper Subsea will continue to be used for existing and future business in the subsea oil and gas industry.

“Viper Subsea has enjoyed phenomenal success in the subsea oil and gas industry,” explains managing director Neil Douglas. “We are proud that we have become established as one of the most innovative companies in this sector and enjoy a growing global presence and an extremely strong reputation. However, our core electrical cable integrity technology is perfectly suited to applications in other industries. With our subsea oil and gas business settled and growing in a well-managed and sustainable way, the time is right to expand our focus into other markets, but to do this we need to ensure our branding does not limit us, hence the name change.

“With a company name of Viper Innovations we will find it much easier to talk to other industries without confusion. We fully expect to replicate the historic success we have had in the subsea oil and gas industry in other markets.”