Virtual Surveyor VIDEO Sand Pit Dredging Operations

Virtual Surveyor has just released this amazing video, showing how to use drone surveying to support sand pit dredging operations.

Sand pits are often wet and certainly dynamic environments. Frequent monitoring is a must, and drone surveying is the right tool for that job.

Drone surveying provides a regular snapshot of the water extent over wet sand pits. It also allows for a frequent assessment of the slope stability.

The first technique shows how to create an intersection between the terrain and a water level. Multi-vertex editing helps to remove noise and allows to create a clean water extent from the intersection.

More advanced editing is also possible. The video shows how to drag vertices to the side of the water without changing their elevation. And a final editing method shows how to cut out a complete erroneous segment and how to replace it with a new one.

Creating reports for quarry management is key. Virtual Surveyor shows how to use the 2D view mode to produce a map that shows all water extents over an orthophoto or colorized elevation background.

In the final part, the company demonstrates how to analyze slope stability.