WesternGeco Files Complaint against PGS

WesternGeco Files Complaint Against PGS

PGS has been informed that WesternGeco has filed a complaint against PGS in Houston alleging infringement of four patents.

These patents were part of the litigation between WesternGeco and ION Geophysical regarding the DigiFIN steering device. For the case to continue WesternGeco will also have to take steps to serve the complaint against PGS.

PGS is of the opinion that WesternGeco’s claim against PGS is without merit.

Only two vessels in the PGS fleet are currently equipped with DigiFIN, and PGS has never used DigiFIN on a seismic survey in US waters.

PGS believes that this claim will at most have limited financial impact for the Company.

Press Release, September 18, 2013