Wood teams up with SGN to boost UK hydrogen plans

Consulting and engineering company Wood has announced that it is working with gas distribution company SGN to accelerate plans for key hydrogen transmission infrastructure in Scotland and southern England that supports the UK’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050.

Over the next 12 months, Wood said it is delivering three pre-FEED studies to determine the route and design of new dedicated hydrogen pipelines and associated transmission infrastructure, adding that the proposed concept also repurposes existing natural gas infrastructure, which will link hydrogen producers with energy users seeking to use hydrogen to lower their carbon emissions. Projects H2 Caledonia and H2 Connect are involved in the studies.

Wood noted that the H2 Caledonia project combines two pre-FEED projects in Scotland’s Central Belt and Fife’s East Coast. The projects are expected to explore the development of low-carbon hydrogen production across Scotland, and according to Wood, will integrate with the ongoing Aberdeen Vision study, where Wood is also completing the pre-FEED.

The H2 Connect project will develop an optimal design to connect a hydrogen network in central southern England and will focus on the development of hydrogen infrastructure and imports in the Southampton/Solent region and future expansion plans for hydrogen production and storage, Wood further informed.

Azad Hessamodini, Executive President of Consulting at Wood, said: “These projects are key enablers for the UK and Scottish Government’s carbon reduction commitments. We are delighted to be further growing our relationship with SGN, working together on these hydrogen projects which are instrumental in decarbonising existing UK gas networks and offering sustainable, low-carbon fuel across the country.”

Fergus Tickell, Hydrogen Solutions Lead at SGN, said: “To meet the UK and Scottish Government’s respective net zero commitments, the system transformation of the gas networks to 100% hydrogen offers customers and policymakers a potentially low-disruption and cost-effective decarbonisation pathway for home heating and industry. The projects represent continued preparation of our gas network to distribute greener alternatives to help meet government net-zero targets.”

“H2 Caledonia and H2 Connect are key drivers in demonstrating how the gas industry can safely and practically transport hydrogen through its network of pipes, plus the strategic planning required for system transformations while converting gas networks in an affordable and practical way that guarantees the continued security of supply to consumers and businesses.”

Regarding Wood’s significant recent deals, it is worth noting that the company has been appointed as an integrated services partner by Centrica Storage for the company’s UK Southern North Sea operations. The deal is expected to enable the UK player to support Centrica’s goals of bolstering energy security and propelling the UK forward on its energy transition path.

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