Woodside puts money into cyber security company to protect assets

Australian energy giant Woodside has invested in Sapien Cyber, a Western Australian company specializing in the protection and security of critical infrastructure.

Sapien Cyber was launched by a cyber security research team at Edith Cowan University, commercialized in partnership with Jindalee Partners, and refined in collaboration with Woodside.

It is a 100% Australian-owned technology platform that provides clients unprecedented network visibility, dynamic real-time monitoring and actionable intelligence to dramatically reduce the vulnerability of digital systems to cyber attack.

Woodside, the pioneer of Australia’s LNG industry, will take a 10% shareholding in Sapien Cyber – subject to satisfaction of conditions precedent.

Woodside Chief Technology Officer Shaun Gregory will join the Sapien Advisory Board as an observer.

“Woodside is proud to be supporting another Western Australian technology company. The sophistication of Sapien Cyber’s technology platform has the potential to deliver a comprehensive and multi-dimensional cyber security solution to protect Woodside’s operating assets,” he said.

Sapien Cyber Chairman John Poynton said criminals, activists, and state agents are continually refining the potency of their cyber weapons.

“Solutions need to evolve faster than the threats. Our unique approach offers unparalleled, real-time visibility to the client’s network, detecting operational technology cyber threats before they can wreak havoc,” he said.

Just like any other business, oil and gas companies are subject to cyber attacks. Just in December, Italian oilfield contractor Saipem was the target of a cyber attack. Saipem’s servers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia suffered the hardest hit and the only attack in Europe was in Aberdeen.