Woodside Selects Acceleware’s Seismic Modeling Software

Acceleware Ltd. last weeks announced that Woodside Petroleum Ltd., Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company has selected AxWave™, Acceleware’s high performance seismic modeling software, to simulate data acquisition in complex geological areas.

 Woodside Selects Acceleware's Software to Simulate Seismic Surveys

“AxWave is an efficient, cost effective solution for generating large scale synthetic seismic datasets used for survey design and data characterization and testing.” said Darren Foltinek, Seismic Product Manager at Acceleware. “The native support for GPU accelerators and high performance implementation of the application provides users with a unique speed advantage, enabling the simulation of larger and more realistic datasets.”

Built from AxRTM™, Acceleware’s reverse time migration software, AxWave is a finite-difference modeling application used for the fast and accurate simulation of 2D and 3D seismic wave propagation. The application leads the industry in computational performance with advanced algorithms optimized for parallel processing on multi-core CPUs and compute GPUs.

The application can be used for isotropic, VTI and TTI media, with unrestricted acquisition geometry and topography. It offers geoscientists flexible parameterization, including a high degree of control over the quality and speed trade-off inherent in finite-difference modeling. Advanced physics features include highly efficient absorbing boundaries, grid optimizations and precise source locations. It is available as a standalone application as well as a high level library that can be integrated into any existing seismic processing platform. The application has been fine tuned for optimal performance and can be used on work stations for rapid testing as well as clusters for large scale survey simulations.

Press Release, December 02, 2013


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