World’s 1st 22,000 cbm multi-gas carrier gets LR, LISCR nod

Lloyd’s Register (LR) and the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) have awarded design approval to HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) for the development of the world’s first 22,000 cbm multi-gas carrier.

Lloyd's Register (LR)

The project design is part of a joint development project for LCO2 carrier design and development. The ship will be capable of carrying liquified carbon dioxide (LCO2), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), ammonia (NH3) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

Furthermore, the design incorporates a new type of steel in its tanks to support greater efficiency in the carbon capture and storage (CCS) value chain.

The steel used in the Type C tank construction for multi-gas will make scantling lighter whilst keeping intact the tanks’ structural integrity. This innovation allows an upscale in the size of the carrier, improving storage and transportation, something shipbuilders are not able to do with more conventional materials, according to the company.

When built, the carrier will transport liquefied carbon dioxide under pressure, allowing carbon from the CCS process to be transported to storage facilities.

“This Design Approval demonstrates LR’s expertise in supporting the advance of ground breaking maritime projects in a safe, sustainable way. This multi-gas carrier will be a key piece of infrastructure in the carbon capture and storage value chain, helping remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, supporting the progress to a net zero carbon economy,” Andy McKeran, Lloyd’s Register, said.

“This is the first result of the JDP of new steel for liquefied CO2 carriers signed in August 2021, allowing us to design & build more economical and efficient carriers. The developed new material has been examined and approved based on the mechanical properties experiment and engineering assessment,” Yi-hyo Chung, Senior Vice President, HMD, stated.

As part of the design approval process, LR will provide advice and guidance on technical regulations and the development of a Type C storage tank for using the new material.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Flag Administration will liaise with LR to formalise the approval and provide the required certification to allow the multi-gas Carrier to enter service.

HD KSOE and HMD have developed three different LCO2 carriers to respond to the market demands of different business models in the CO2 value chain, which include a 12,000cbm LCO2 carrier with medium-pressure cargo tanks, a 22,000cbm LCO2 carrier with low-pressure cargo tanks and a 30,000cbm LCO2 carrier with low-pressure cargo tanks.

“Carbon capture is one of the keys to unlock the potential to fully decarbonize international shipping and other industries in the fight against climate change, and therefore the Liberian Registry is very proud to contribute with an Approval in Principle to HD KSOE and HMD for their innovative multi-gas carrier design featuring a new steel type for the cargo tanks allowing multiple gases to be safely and efficiently transported including liquefied CO2,” Thomas Klenum, Executive Vice President, Liberian Registry, noted.

“This JDP between HD KSOE, HMD, POSCO, LR and LISCR demonstrates that international collaboration can pave the way for innovation in ship design and a sustainable future for our maritime industry,” Klenum concluded.

To remind, KSOE’s subsidiary Hyundai Heavy Industries Group (HHI) last year won approval in principle (AiP) from classification society ABS for a next-generation ultra-large LCO2 carrier.

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