Photo: L to R: Anne Visser, Coco Kossmann (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)

Wrap up of Day 1: “The place to be, at Offshore Energy”

The first event day of Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2021 and Navingo Career is a wrap – and what a day it was. Anne Visser, Director of Operations at Navingo and Coco Kossmann, Content Creator for Navingo, provided a brief overview of the highlights of the first day and announced what is to follow tomorrow.

L to R: Anne Visser, Coco Kossmann (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)
L to R: Anne Visser, Coco Kossmann (Screenshot/Video by Navingo)

“What the best thing is that I really felt a good energy on the exhibition floor as well as during all the talks, including those in the Amtrium studio. After such a long time, it was really great to see each other again and connect with new people, and to deepen existing relations”, Visser said.

Visser pointed out the diverse mix of exhibitors and speakers, including many delegations from abroad including the representatives of 31 countries that came from all across the world under masterclass and business programme of the Government of the Netherlands which organised it.

“What I thought was really nice is that a lot of elements that we had on the exhibition floor came together – for example, at the kick off we saw the importance of collaboration for energy transition. Not only the collaboration on the business level, but also it’s important to have that from the governmental perspective”, Visser added.

Kossmann summarized the vibe of the first day pretty neatly saying: “The place to be, at Offshore Energy”.

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