Xodus delivers Empire Wind inter-array cables study

Engineering consultancy Xodus has completed an inter-array cables installation study for Equinor’s Empire Wind Phase 1 offshore New York.

Courtesy: Xodus

Xodus was tasked with maturing the inter-array cable installation concept to identify technical solutions or installation methodologies that may add value to the project if introduced at an early stage.

Xodus developed a study for cable loadout, installation, logistics and the accommodation strategy. The company also provided schedule estimates for installation and testing.

James Hunt, Xodus’ Global Interconnector and CablesJames Hunt, Xodus’ global Interconnector and Cables lead, said:

“Early engagement with the supply chain is crucial in reducing costs and risk in offshore wind projects. We commend Equinor in taking the initiative to engage with us at the formative stage of the project where the cost of change is low, but the ability to influence is high.

“Trust in our experts allowed us to challenge traditional thinking and give real-time feedback through a series of workshop sessions. These factors allowed us to support Equinor in developing project designs and approaches which can deliver significant long-term efficiencies, safely.”

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Specifically, Empire Wind phase 1 is a 816MW project 20 miles south of Long Island, east of the Rockaways. When complete, it will power more than a 500,000 New York homes.