Yaroslavsky Puts Finishing Touches on Denis Davydov

Yaroslavsky Puts Finishing Touches on Denis Davydov

The first landing craft of the project 21820, named ‘Denis Davydov’ (building number 701) has been moored at Yaroslavsky Shipyard outfitting quay where it will receive finishing touches.

There, the shipbuilder will carry out plant and official sea trials of the boat, subsequent to the results of which, after signing of the Acceptance Certificate, the vessel will be transferred to the customer.

The contract for construction of three landing crafts of the project 21820 was signed between the OJSC «Yaroslavsky Shipyard» and the Ministry of defense of Russia on June 23, 2011.

Landing crafts of the project 21820 have unique particulars and in fact have no analogues in the world. They are the largest among all the boats with light-alloy hulls previously constructed by Yaroslavl.

High speed of the boat is ensured by the presence of the air cavity on the bottom, powerful diesel engines М507А-2D and ventilated water jet propellers.

The next two boats of the project will bear the names ‘Michman Lermontov’ and ‘Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov’ in the honor of the officers of the guard marine crew who distinguished themselves in combat actions during the Patriotic war of 1812.



Press Release, October 30, 2013

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