Yemen LNG’s Balhaf Plant again under fire

Yemen LNG confirmed  two explosions offshore and onshore outside the Balhaf Plant, coming from two rocket-launched explosive devices on Thursday, December 19, at around 7 pm local time.

The company reported no casualties or damage, with the Balhaf Plant remaining in operation.

Yemen LNG reinforced security measures in order to ensure vigilant surveillance of the plant and the vicinity. In addition, Yemen LNG is working with the Yemeni Authorities to take further measures around Balhaf in order to ensure maximum security of people and assets on site.

This is the third rocket attack occurring in the vicinity of the Balhaf Plant, with the first minor rocket explosion reported in December 2013, and the second in February 2014, both coming from a rocket-launched explosive device. There was no damage or casualties reported in both previous instances.

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LNG World News Staff

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