Zeus: 30 LNG Mobile Fueling Units to Be Used in Fracking Operations (USA)

Zeus 30 LNG Mobile Fueling Units to Be Used in Fracking Operations

A recent overview of the North American LNG fueled drilling and fracking market by Zeus Development has identified LNG mobile fueling units as a linchpin for market development. Company analysis has suggested that roughly 30 of these units are, or will soon be, used in a variety of operations serving the oil and gas industry across North America.

“Thanks to their potential to mount pumping and vaporization equipment, mobile fueling units are essential to the viability of using LNG in drilling and fracking,” notes Zeus lead analyst Tom Campbell. “Without the technology, supplying LNG to exploration and production operations in remote areas would be impossible.”

Mobile fueling units are currently in use by firms including Linde, Prometheus Energy and others to serve a wide range of customers drilling for both oil and gas. As these drilling and fracking rigs frequently move to new locations, a solution that can move with the operation is critical.

As an additional benefit, operators using the technology can avoid developing in-ground fuel supply facilities other than liquefaction plants. This simplicity has saved companies both cost and time in order to rapidly begin saving on fuel costs through using LNG fuel.

To discuss the growing use of LNG mobile fueling units in drilling and fracking operations, Zeus will host a one day Expediting LNG Fuel Supply workshop in Houston on June 25. The meeting will bring together users, solution providers and vendors to discuss a broad range of operations using the technology.

LNG World News Staff, May 23, 2013; Image: Zeus