ZIM Chicago Departs Tacoma Despite Pro-Palestinian Protests


The ZIM Chicago, a ship owned by Israeli shipping line ZIM Integrated Shipping Services ltd, has departed the Port of Tacoma on schedule, after being unloaded and loaded as planned by the longshore workers, despite a pro-Gaza protest at the port, the Port authority informed yesterday.

Pro-Palestinian protesters arrived at Washington United Terminals to try to disrupt the loading and unloading of the ZIM Chicago on Saturday morning, August 23.  Protesters from the activist group “Block the Boat” said they would protest in both Seattle and Tacoma, upon the arrival of the ship Zim Chicago.

The protesters voiced their opposition against ZIM Lines’ association with the State of Israel and its recent military actions in the Gaza Strip.

“We respect the right people have to express diverse opinions and meet and protest peaceably and legally.

We’re monitoring the situation and coordinating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to make sure people stay safe, terminals remain secure and cargo keeps moving,”  Tacoma Port authorities said.

Tacoma police arrested one activist on Saturday evening after protesters blocked the road and resisted arrest at an entrance to a Port of Tacoma terminal,  The News Tribune wrote.

The protesters tried to prevent longshore workers from entering the terminal and unloading the vessel. However, the workers managed to enter the terminal via an alternate route and started their work on schedule.

The protesters staged a similar protest at the Port of Oakland last week that delayed unloading of ZIM Piraeus for four days.

World Maritime News Staff, August 25, 2014; Image: ZIM

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