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ABB’s subsea technology wins accolade for saving power and cutting emissions

ABB has received a best practices award from consulting firm Frost & Sullivan that recognizes its subsea technology for saving power and cutting emissions for energy industries.

ABB won Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Best Practices Award for Global Oil and Gas Automation Technology Innovation Leadership for the development and commercialization of its subsea power conversion and distribution system.

The company installs powering pumps and compressors on the seabed in locations nearer to reservoirs to facilitate power savings. 

The technology is said to give oil and gas companies access to a reliable subsea energy supply of up to 100 MW of power over distances up to 600 kilometers into the sea and 3,000 meters of water depth with little maintenance required despite operating at intense pressures and in extreme conditions.  

According to Frost & Sullivan, ABB’s solution is like no other in the industry in terms of reach and water depth levels, meeting the needs of specific applications and market segments, and its CAPEX and OPEX advantages surpass those of competitors.

“The convergence of automation and electrification is key to reducing carbon emissions in the oil and gas sector. By powering pumps and compressors on the seabed, close to the reservoir, our technology can significantly reduce energy consumption as well as decrease carbon emissions by using power from shore,” said Brandon Spencer, president of ABB Energy Industries.

“It has taken years and the dedication of around 200 scientists and engineers from ABB and our partners to make this a reality, and it is fantastic that Frost & Sullivan has recognized our collective achievement and leading technology through this award.” 

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