Photo: Image courtesy of ABS

ABS classes BC Ferries’ Spirit of British Columbia LNG conversion

ABS classes BC Ferries' Spirit of British Columbia LNG conversion
Image courtesy of ABS

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) classed, Spirit of British Columbia, one of two ferries that have been converted for use of LNG as fuel and are ready to return to operation for BC Ferries.

The Spirit of British Columbia was the first to undergo conversion while its sister vessel, the Spirit of Vancouver Island, is expected to complete conversion during the spring of 2019.

These vessels are the largest ships in the BC Ferries fleet with a capacity to carry 2,100 passengers and crew and 358 automobile equivalent, ABS said in a statement.

The conversion to LNG as fuel was completed at the Remontowa Ship Repair Yard in Gdansk, Poland.

BC Ferries vice president of strategy and community engagement, Mark Wilson said the company “worked closely with ABS” on navigating the technical compliance challenges of converting existing vessels to run on LNG.