ABS issues FSRU construction guidelines

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ABS issues FSRU construction guidelines
Illustration purposes only (Image courtesy of Höegh LNG)

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) released its guide for the construction and classification of floating storage and regasification (FSRU) vessels. 

The guide, named “ABS Guide for Building and Classing LNG Regasification Vessels” covers both purpose-built LNG regasification vessels and existing LNG carriers that are converted to operate with regasification plants onboard.

Whereas the latest update of the IGC provides high-level requirements for ships with regasification plants, the ABS guide for regasification vessels presents guidance to designers and shipyards developing these types of ships.

“Recognizing the unique operational characteristics of LNG regasification vessels, ABS has included in this guide provisions that allow Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) for extended periods of time,” the classification society’s statement reads.

Speaking of the new guide, ABS vice president for global gas solution Patrick Janssens said, the industry is “considering options for getting gas to demanding markets,” as the LNG supply chain expands, and besides the instructions, the guide promotes “safety in the expanding LNG market.”

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