AFL Boosts Fiber Recoater Portfolio

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AFL has introduced a new series of Fujikura high precision fiber recoaters, the FSR-05, FSR-06 and FSR-07.

The new fiber recoaters provide extensive programmable features including an automatic resin pumping system that deposits the required amount of recoat material.

With new LED curing lamps and easy-to-exchange molds, the FSR series coats fiber sizes from 155 µm to 900 µm. The recoaters provide advanced recoating solutions for end users in fiber manufacturing, fiber sensor manufacturing, university and R&D divisions, submarine cabling, optical components and medical applications.

“As the leader in fusion splicing technology, Fujikura continues to manufacture innovative products that improve highly technical processes for specialty markets,” commented Brad Hendrix, global specialty market manager for AFL. “Each fiber recoater is engineered to be easy to operate while maintaining consistent performance.”

According to AFL, the FSR-05 recoater is the only model without a proof tester, Ideal for manufacturers that do not require constant proof testing after each recoat. The FSR-06 and FSR-07 are equipped with linear and mandrel tensioning systems which allow proof testing up to 2 kgf and 10 kgf, respectively. The easily replaceable resin bottle and pump allow for a quick refill or exchange of resin. Additionally, all of these recoaters feature a color LCD monitor and intuitive on screen controls as well as a USB interface.

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