Aibel lands Kårstø upgrade gig

Norwegian oil services company Aibel has been awarded an upgrading assignment at the Kårstø process plant by Norwegian oil major Statoil on behalf of operator Gassco.

Kårstø is a processing plant north of Stavanger used for a treatment of gas and condensate (light oil) from central parts of the Norwegian continental shelf.

This facility separates the rich gas arriving in the Statpipe and Åsgard Transport pipelines into its various components. It also handles unstabilised condensate piped from the Sleipner gas field in the North Sea.

Gassco said on Friday that Aibel’s assignment comprises three sub-projects which are to be completed in 2018, with the main job covering the firewater and blowdown systems as well as boilers.

The purpose of the work is to help maintain technical integrity at the plant and deal with aging.

“We are very pleased to have brought Aibel into the team,” says Alf Kristian Haugland, vice president for project maturation and execution at Gassco.

“We’ll collectively contribute to taking care of gas deliveries and to ensuring that Kårstø’s integrity is maintained for the future.”

The facility at Kårstø is owned by Gassled, with Gassco as the operator and Statoil as its technical service provider (TSP).

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