AIBN releases preliminary report on Super Puma crash (Norway)

Accident Investigation Board Norway has issued a preliminary report of the investigation into the crash of the CHC-operated Super Puma helicopter in Norway, on April 29, in which 13 people died.

The AIBN said the report is published to disseminate information obtained during the earliest stages of the investigation, with the intention to give a brief update on the progress and findings two weeks into the investigation. It is worth noting that the report is factual and contains neither conclusions nor safety recommendations.

Here are some of the points outlined in the report published on Friday night:

  • HKS241 was enroute from Gullfaks B (ENQG) to Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR). The helicopter was cruising at 2000 ft when the Main Rotor Head (MRH) and mast suddenly detached.
  • The helicopter impacted on a small island and caught fire. The main wreckage thereafter ended in the sea where it came to rest at a depth of 1-9 meters. The accident was not survivable.
  • The recordings on the CVFDR showed that everything appeared to be normal until a sudden catastrophic failure developed in 1-2 seconds. The CVFDR recordings ended abruptly at the same time. There are no indications that flight crew actions were a factor in the accident.
  • On May 5, all the retrieved parts from the helicopter wreckage were taken from Haakonsvern to the AIBN premises in Lillestrøm, where all parts of particular interest for the investigation have been selected for more detailed inspections/examinations.
  • The examination of the wreckage is ongoing. The AIBN is currently focussing on the examination of the MRH suspension bar assembly, the main gearbox and the main rotor head. Retrieved wreckage parts and other components are stored for future examinations as required. However, several key components are still missing. A significant sea and land search is ongoing in order to retrieve these components

Read the full report here (PDF) :

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