AIDA Cruises to Fit Battery Storage Systems on Its Ships

German cruise line AIDA Cruises has signed an agreement with Corvus Energy to install lithium-ion battery storage systems onboard the company’s vessels.

Under the deal, signed on August 20, Corvus Energy would fit and commission the storage systems on the first AIDA cruise ship in 2020.

The parties, that include ABB and Siemens, plan to use the findings from the pilot project to fit battery systems onboard other vessels in the AIDA fleet.

“Our goal is the emissions-neutral ship operation,” Michael Thamm, group CEO of Costa Group and Carnival Asia, said.

Thamm added that electrification of the vessels is another important milestone for the company as it aim to reduce fossil fuel use and emissions.

“Thanks to the cooperation with Corvus Energy, already in a few months, AIDA Cruises is going to launch this innovative technology on a large cruise ship.”

The latest development comes on the back of the company’s venture into low-emission LNG operations. The use of battery storage systems is expected to further reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and significantly increase the efficiency of ship operations.