All Set for King’s Lynn Dredging

A maintenance dredging program, aimed for the safety of shipping within the enclosed Docks King’s Lynn in Norfolk, is set to begin this week, King’s Lynn Conservancy Board reports.

The dredging operations, to be conducted with UKD dredging vessel ‘Cherry Sand’, are scheduled to be wrapped up no later than January 31, 2019.

“Each operational tide the ‘Cherry Sand’ will depart King’s Lynn Docks 1 hour to High water and proceed to the disposal area in the vicinity of the West Stones Beacon,” said the Board in its release.

“Mariners are requested to keep clear when the vessel is arriving and departing the Docks and on the disposal area as the vessel will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre, and to navigate with caution whilst these works are taking place.”

The self-propelled grab hopper dredger has been modernized with a Pulleman grab crane and equipped with a range of buckets to enable dredging in a wide variety of materials, according to the owner UKD Dredging.

The hopper well is fitted with a grid to avoid debris being deposited at sea, and discharges via hydraulically operated bottom doors.