Altera and Bilfinger hire Craig International for procurement services to reduce carbon footprint

Altera and Bilfinger sign up for Craig International’s procurement services

Oilfield procurement specialist Craig International has secured over £5 million by winning two long-term contracts with Bilfinger Salamis UK and Altera Infrastructure for the provision of procurement services, which will enable the two companies to reduce the carbon footprint from their operations.

Illustration; Source: Craig International

Craig International reported on Wednesday that it had secured two three-year contracts – worth a combined value of more than £5 million – with Bilfinger Salamis UK and Altera Infrastructure. The company attributes the new wins to the efficiencies delivered by its digital platform, ebuy, which is used by more than 70 per cent of its customers. It allows the firm to source products globally for local supply with attractive fixed prices for the duration of the contracts, avoiding time-consuming requisitions for recurring orders.

Carol Ross, general manager of Craig International in Aberdeen, explained: “The new contracts with Altera and Bilfinger for Craig International reinforce our position as a market leader in procurement with a clear differentiator through our approach to efficiency with our digital platform, ebuy, and to environmental performance with ecobuy.”

According to Craig International, the first contract is for sourcing and supplying oilfield consumables for Altera’s UK and Brazil operations. On the other hand, the second contract includes the provision of third-party procurement for goods and services to Bilfinger Salamis UK’s onshore and offshore business.

Both deals were secured through competitive tender. Craig International will use its ecobuy service for both contracts. This offers customers the option of more environmentally friendly and less wasteful products.

Bilfinger moved to merge its two core UK entities in September this year, in an effort to respond to a shift in market demand as the UK transitions to net-zero. The merger will complete at the beginning of next year.

Ross explained: “As our customers ramp up their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations, ecobuy is ideally placed to support industry targets by making a real difference, not only through the use of less plastic and less wasteful products but also in the way they are procured to reduce the number of journeys by lorries and vessels.”

The service with a more sustainable approach to procurement also limits logistical requirements for the delivery of products by combining orders to further reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Craig International plans to deliver the work from its base in Aberdeen, where a team will be working on the contracts for the duration of the three-year projects.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with both companies over the coming years to streamline their procurement processes and provide a more sustainable, technology-led offering,” added Ross.

Before the pandemic hit the world like an avalanche, Craig International secured some major deals in 2019. To remind, the company won its first deal with Petrofac in September 2019, allowing it to provide third-party procurement services and the supply of general oilfield products to support Petrofac’s offshore operations in the North Sea.

The firm also obtained a £21 million contract with Spirit Energy in May 2019 for a duration of seven years. In addition, the £20 million contract with BP for maintenance, repair, and operations of all operator’s assets on the UK Continental Shelf was signed only days after the Spirit Energy deal.