ANGA Comments on House Legislation to Advance Natural Gas Vehicles

ANGA Comments on House Legislation to Advance Natural Gas Vehicles

Following is a statement by Marty Durbin, president and chief executive officer of America’s Natural Gas Alliance, on three bills sponsored by U.S. Representatives Lee Terry (R-NE) and Sam Graves (R-MO) to improve the ability of long haul truck drivers to access and utilize natural gas as a fuel.

The efforts of Representatives Terry and Graves serve to improve infrastructure for long haul trucks fueled by clean, abundant American natural gas and to speed adoption of natural gas vehicles themselves. We appreciate the work they are doing to advance natural gas vehicles and take full advantage of the environmental, energy security and costs benefits that natural gas offers.

Natural gas vehicles reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide, and their use allows America to take advantage of its own energy resources to fuel the transportation sector. With natural gas now both able to meet the performance needs and provide cost benefits for long haul trucks, fleets are making the choice to adopt natural gas vehicles.

This legislation also is in line with the president’s goal in the State of the Union Address of putting people to work building fueling stations and shifting more cars and trucks to run on American natural gas. We stand ready to work with Mr. Terry and Mr. Graves to move this and other legislation ahead that will take greater advantage of America’s vast natural gas resource to the benefit of communities across the nation.”

Press Release, February 5, 2014