Anglo-Eastern using Wärtsilä’s CII tool to boost fleet efficiency

Ship management company Anglo-Eastern has received an integrated carbon intensity indicator (CII) tool from Finnish technology group Wärtsilä.


As informed, Wärtsilä delivered its CII Dashboard within its Fleet Optimisation Solution (FOS) to 530 vessels in Anglo-Eastern’s managed fleet.

Anglo-Eastern is using FOS to improve the operational activity, voyage efficiency, and overall performance of the vessels under its management.

In addition, the global ship manager is now using Wärtsilä’s CII offering to collect, report, and analyse the annual operational CII of its managed fleet.

In anticipation of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) EEXI and CII regulations, all 530 of Anglo-Eastern’s FOS-enabled vessels were upgraded with the CII Dashboard in December 2022.

Wärtsilä’s CII Dashboard will give the global ship manager full visibility of each vessel’s current performance.

Early action can thus be taken, enabling Anglo-Eastern to make better-informed decisions about a vessel’s carbon intensity so that it can improve its CII rating in the short term and position its managed fleet ahead of the IMO’s 2025 revisions.

“With decarbonisation firmly at the top of Anglo-Eastern’s agenda, it becomes necessary to have a clear view of the carbon intensity of our managed vessels in order to better understand how our fleet is faring against our and the industry’s decarbonisation targets,” said Bjorn Hojgaard, Chief Executive Officer of Anglo-Eastern.

“Since implementing Wärtsilä’s Fleet Optimisation Solution, we have been impressed with the insights the platform can provide. The CII Dashboard builds upon that, offering another level of meaningful insights that is both timely and highly relevant, which is one of the advantages of partnering with a technology company that is in tune with our requirements and commitment to safety, compliance, and decarbonisation.”

“Our fleet performance centre is using the CII Dashboard to derive carbon intensity insights for better informed decision-making by all concerned stakeholders, as part of our commitment to continuous CII improvements across the fleet,” Vipin Achan, Head of Performance in charge of leading the Anglo-Eastern Fleet Performance Centre (AEFPC) in Mumbai said.

Anglo-Eastern’s implementation of Wärtsilä’s FOS and integrated CII Dashboard are the latest collaborations in its partnership spanning three years.