Anholt Back Online

Anholt offshore wind farm has been turned back on just over four weeks after faulty cable forced it to shut down.

The wind farm went offline on 21 February after which NKT and JD Contractors worked to replace the faulty cable section.

“It is a mammoth task to find the fault and replace the broken part of the cable and it can easily take a few months. It only took a little over four weeks and it is not only that we have been lucky with the weather, it is mainly due to our subcontractors,” said the company.

Even though the wind farm is producing power, there is still work to do at sea. As the fixed part of the cable is on the rocky seabed it will need to be reburied deeper into the seabed.

The faulty cable section was sent to the laboratory where it will undergo investigation to determine the cause of damage. The costs of the repair are unknown and will be revealed in about two months after the laboratory completes the investigation.

Dong Energy, the owner of the offshore wind farm, is eligible for the compensation as the turbines were not able to produce electricity, however, “it is not yet possible to say how large the amount will be,” said the company.

OffshoreWIND staff; Image: dongenergy