Another Two Signals Detected in Flight MH370’s Search (Australia)

Australian defence ship Ocean Shield yesterday detected another two possible signals from MH370’s black box in total duration of almost thirteen minutes, officials informed.

Another Two Signals Detected in Flight MH730's Search2

The main fear is that this could be the final minutes of the black box’s battery life.

If that proves to be true, the further search could be pure waste of effort.

The next phase of search could take months, because the only solution would be usage of BLUEFIN 21, an autonomous underwater vehicle which proved successful in search for  AIRFRANCE 447 five years ago.

BLUEFIN 21 autonomous underwater vehicle
BLUEFIN 21 autonomous underwater vehicle

Although there is a possible signal from the black box, the main object of the search, the floating debris, has not yet been located.

Australian Defence Minister, Senator David Johnston stated: “We are currently very actively and aggressively pursuing where we think that debris field may be.

According to The Mirror, Australian Air Force has dropped sonar buoys into the Southern Indian Ocean to aid the search.

World Maritime News Staff, April 9, 2014

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