APGA opposes two LNG export applications

APGA said it has filed motions to intervene in opposition to two LNG export applications. 

The first application was filed by Texas LNG to export approximately 98.6 Bcf per year to free-trade agreement and non-FTA countries from a proposed South Texas LNG export project to be located at the Port of Brownsville, Texas.  The second motion to intervene is in response to an application from Venture Global LNG to export approximately 243.6 Bcf per year of domestic LNG to FTA and non-FTA countries from a proposed LNG export project to be located at the entrance of the Calcasieu Ship Channel in Cameron Parish, Louisianna. Venture Global has also filed an earlier application for LNG export, the sum total of this application and the earlier one is 487.2 Bcf per year.  The arguments APGA raised in its filings are similar to those raised in previous filings that focus on, among other things, the impact LNG export will have on the price of natural gas in the United States including the harm it will cause for the current domestic manufacturing renaissance.  APGA objections have consistently been focused on the policy impacts of LNG export as opposed to the merits, or lack thereof, of any specific individual LNG application.

In its filings, APGA communicates that the export of LNG will “increase domestic natural gas prices, burdening households and jeopardizing potential growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector, as well as the nation’s transition away from more environmentally damaging fossil fuels.” 

The filings also state that the anticipated price increases that will result from LNG export “would burden the U.S. consumers who can least afford the increase and disadvantage domestic manufacturing.”

APGA communicates that these applications are “inconsistent with the public interest because it will increase domestic natural gas and electricity prices to the detriment of all consumers, inhibit this nation’s ability to forge a path toward energy independence, and undermine sustained economic growth in key manufacturing sectors.”

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Press Release; Image: APGA

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