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AqualisBraemar to perform DP approvals for Petrobras shuttle tankers

Brazilian national oil company Petrobras has contracted AqualisBraemar with DP acceptance and annual trials for its shuttle tanker fleet operating in Brazil.

AqualisBraemar said on Thursday that the contract with Petrobras would last three years. Under the deal, the company will undertake trials to verify the integrity and capabilities of the station keeping equipment for Petrobras’ shuttle tanker fleet. AqualisBraemar has decided not to disclose the value of the contract.

Shuttle tankers transport crude oil from offshore oil fields to terminals, refineries, or bigger tankers where subsea pipelines are not feasible.

AqualisBraemar, a global offshore marine and engineering consultancy, will manage the job out of its office in Rio de Janeiro while technical oversight of the work will be managed by the DP team in the Singapore office.

The embarks and disembarks will take place in the vicinities of the ports of Rio de Janeiro, São Sebastião, and Angra dos Reis.

Andreas Theophanatos; AqualisBremar
Andreas Theophanatos

Andreas Theophanatos, director of AqualisBraemar in Brazil, said: “We have a specialist team of DP experts who are trained to recognise all types of issues that could affect DP performance and reliability. They will test the DP systems to ensure that they are fully functional and have the minimum acceptable redundancy to ensure that they can operate in line with strict regulations and requirements set out by Industry and Petrobras.

Petrobras has good governance of the DP assurance process of their fleet with stringent requirements to ensure safe DP operations and we are proud to be able to support them in their goal”.

AqualisBraemar’s DP services encompass all aspects of the DP system, from initial design consulting, procedures and documentation, proving trials, audits, incident investigation, life extension studies, maintenance, and management.