Australia: IGU Appoints APPIA CEO to Executive Committee

IGU Appoints APPIA CEO to Executive Committee

APIA CEO Cheryl Cartwright has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the International Gas Union (IGU), the world’s most influential gas industry organisation.

The move reflects the growing significance of Australia’s role in securing global energy supplies, with Australia expected to become the world’s second largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 2015.

The International Gas Union, based in Norway, is the global “voice of the natural gas industry”, and was established to promote policies and economic and technical advances which support gas an integral part of the global energy supply. Its members cover the entire gas value chain, including exploration and production, transmission via pipelines and LNG, and distribution and combustion of gas at the point of use.

The Executive Council is the main governing body of the IGU and represents the IGU in all matters, thus making appointments highly-covered.

Cheryl was nominated to one of only six vacancies on the Executive Council as the representative of Australia and of the Australian Gas Industry Trust, of which she is a Director.

She said the appointment provided an unprecedented platform for the Australian industry on the global stage and an opportunity to influence the international gas industry agenda.

“It also recognises APIA’s successful leadership in developing and influencing policy for Australia’s gas industry,” Cheryl said.

“APIA’s members, particularly through the work of its Committees, have often delivered benefits to the industry that are the envy of other industries in Australia and around the world.

“For example, our Code of Environmental Practice is recognised nationally by the various State and Territory Governments and is used by other infrastructure industries as a guide to environment and heritage management during planning and construction.

“Our national standard for the pipeline industry – the AS2885 – is highly respected throughout the world, and our Research and Standards Committee supports cutting edge research that is delivering practical results that help make pipelines safer and more productive, and that are applicable in Australia and also overseas.”

Cheryl is ideally-placed to advocate the benefits of the industry on the international stage.

She has been APIA’s CEO since 2005, leading the industry at a time when it is at the forefront of many of the major debates impacting on Australia today: climate change; the promotion and use of natural gas; energy security; and the two-speed economy of the resources boom.

Prior to joining APIA Cheryl had an impressive career spanning media, politics and business, including as chief of staff and media and political adviser for senior Federal Government ministers, and as a political journalist in print and broadcast media.

LNG World News Staff, August 24, 2012

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