Australia: Metgasco Provides Pilot Drilling Progress Report


Metgasco today provided an update on the progress of the coal seam gas (CSG) multi-lateral pilot wells.

Gas desorption has commenced on both the Harrier P01 and Corella P18 wells with both wells currently producing gas and water continually to surface. Gas flow is currently being restricted to ensure an efficient dewatering process and to avoid potential near well bore damage. Water levels are currently 400 metres above the coal seam for Harrier P01 and 200 metres above the coal seam for Corella P18.

Metgasco’s Managing Director, Peter Henderson, said “The performance of these two wells to date provides very positive indicators for commercial flow rates. Both wells are continually producing gas against considerable downhole pressure which will not be applied in routine operation.

Metgasco will provide further information on the progress of these wells as it becomes available.


Source: Metgasco, May 31, 2011;