Australia: Tap Oil to Resume Zola-1 Drilling After Cyclone Alert Subsides


Tap Oil Limited provides the following update on the Zola-1 exploration well, offshore Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia.

The Zola-1/Zola-1 ST1 well is located in permit WA-290-P, immediately south of the giant Gorgon gas field in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. The well is being drilled in 285m of water. The well is expected to be drilled to a target depth of approximately 5,000m.

Data gathered to date in Zola-1 and Zola-1 ST1 has confirmed a significant gas discovery in the Mungaroo formation. The well results indicate that volumetrically the greater Zola structure could be at the upper end of Tap’s pre drill estimates of 1 – 2 Tcf.


During the period from 06:00 hours WST on 30 March 2011 to 06:00 hours WST on 6 April 2011 the sidetrack well, Zola-1 ST1, was drilled ahead in 216 mm (81/2”) hole to 4,737m. An intermediate wireline logging program was undertaken due to the possible development of a cyclone. Formation pressures and sampling data have now been successfully acquired via MDT (Modular Formation Dynamics Tester) across all the three main gas bearing sandstones previously reported and confirm the well has intersected in excess of 100m of net gas pay in the Mungaroo formation with excellent reservoir characteristics.

The potential for a cyclone dictated that the well be temporarily suspended and the rig secured and evacuated. However the cyclone failed to develop as forecast which has allowed for the early resumption of operations to drill ahead to final total depth.

As of this morning the rig was preparing to recommence the drilling of the well to final total depth.

Forward Plan

Resume operations and drill ahead to final total depth.


The Zola prospect is a very large Triassic tilted fault block on trend with the giant Gorgon gas field and was one of the largest undrilled structural features in the Carnarvon Basin. The well is testing the gas potential of several top and intra Mungaroo formation sands – the primary reservoir at Gorgon.

Located close to existing and developing gas infrastructure, Zola could have multiple potential development options. Any development at Zola could also encompass the overlying Antiope gas discovery (estimated at ~120 Bcf).

WA-290-P Joint Venture Participants

Tap (Shelfal) Pty Ltd 10.00%

Apache Northwest Pty Ltd (Operator) 30.25%

Santos Offshore Pty Ltd 24.75%

OMV Australia Pty Ltd 20.00%

Nippon Oil Exploration (Dampier) Pty Ltd 15.00%


Source:Tap Oil , April 6, 2011;


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