Baker Consultants sets new base in Swansea

Baker Consultants has opened a new base in Swansea, Wales, following the increased activities in the renewables sector in the region.

The new Swansea office will cover both terrestrial and marine environments, and will be a permanent base for two ecologists – Diana Clark, Senior Ecologist, and Helen Hedworth, Marine Consultant, the company’s press release reads.

They will provide services on marine ecology and noise monitoring from consenting through to post-construction monitoring, on projects ranging from offshore wind, wave generation and tidal lagoon developments, to those affecting the coastal environment. They will also provide ecological advice in relation to planning applications, and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Baker Consultants is an international ecological consultancy operating in the marine and terrestrial environments that delivers a consultancy service including biological surveys, data assessment, interpretation and advocacy.

Image: Baker Consultants