Balder Viking AHTS to Assist Oil Drilling West of Greenland

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TransAtlantic has signed a contract with the English company Capricorn Energy Ltd, for the AHTS/Icebreaker Balder Viking. Capricorn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the British oil company Cairn Energy UK PLC based in Edinburgh.

The AHTS/Icebreaker Balder Viking will assist oil drilling west of Greenland, starting in end of April 2011. The operation extends over a four month period.

The assignment is for “supply services” for the drilling operation and will probably also include towing of but not icebreaking as the operation will take place in open water.

Rederi AB Transatlantic  is a leading Swedish shipping company. Operations are organized into two business areas: Offshore/Icebreaking and Industrial Shipping. Ships fleet consists of 35 vessels, two anchor-handlingvessels on order to be delivered in 2011/2012 and ships chartered for shorter periods. The company has about 750 employees.


Source:Businesswire , March 31, 2011

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