Margarita Salas

Baleària’s 2nd LNG-powered fast ferry hits the water

Spanish ferry operator Baleària has launched its second LNG dual-fuel fast ferry Margarita Salas at the Armon Shipyard in Gijón, where it is currently under construction.

Margarita Salas; Image credit: Baleraria

Worth a total investment of €126 million, Baleària’s Margarita Salas is set to commence operations next summer.

“We already had an excellent ship in terms of navigability, comfort, and passenger satisfaction, and we are proud to have taken another step forward with the Margarita Salas, which is sure to deliver even better results,” Adolfo Utor, President of Baleària, said emphasizing the technological and comfort improvements of the Margarita Salas over Eleanor Roosevelt.

Baleària’s pioneering LNG-powered fast ferry Eleanor Roosevelt has been operating since 1 May 2021.

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The new catamaran is the eleventh in the company’s fleet equipped with dual gas engines. Eleanor Roosevelt has already reduced over 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions this year by using natural gas as fuel, the company said.

The ship’ was constructed using aluminum, a material known for reducing weight, fuel consumption, and carbon footprint while being highly recyclable.

The Margarita Salas shares the dimensions of its predecessor, namely 123 meters length and 28 meters beam. The ferry boasts a 10% power increase with four dual natural gas engines of 9,600 kW each.

The ferry features advanced technology for maneuverability, stability, and noise reduction, as well as an onshore power supply system for electrical connection during port stays. It also includes monitoring equipment for real-time fuel consumption and engine efficiency.

The vessel maintains the passenger and vehicle capacity of its predecessor, 1,200 and 400, respectively.