Bardot Group to construct OTEC plant in Maldives

Bardot Group, a French company specializedĀ in subsea engineering and equipment manufacturing for offshore energy, has signed a contract to install an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system in an eco-resort in the Maldives.

The contract, signed in the presence of the Minister of Environment and Energy of Maldives, Thoriq Ibrahim, includes engineering, procurement, construction and installation works, Bardot Group informed.

The OTEC plant will be located on an individual island from where it will pump the warm surface water and cold deep water. Electricity and fresh water will be transferred to the resort island through a water pipeline and a power cable, according to Bardot Group.

The eco-resort is being developed in a South Maldivian archipelago, a few hundred kilometers from the capital city of Male.

Designed to accommodate 300 people, the resort will be fully powered in electricity, air-conditioning, hot and cold water, and fresh and drinking water by the OTEC system.

The project is expected to be completed early in 2018.

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