Photo: BG Freight Line

BG Freight opts for Value Maritime’s filtering and CO2 capture system

Dutch logistics services provider BG Freight Line has committed to reducing carbon emissions by installing Value Maritime’s Filtree and carbon capture system onboard two of its container vessels.

BG Freight
Photo: BG Freight Line

BG Onyx and BG Ruby are chartered from German shipowner HS Schiffahrt.

Powering collaboration

The decision is said to highlight the advantages of bringing the strengths of both shipowner and charterer/co-owner together to solve the issue of shipping emissions.

Both companies understand the value of investing together in a sustainable solution for these vessels — a solution that sees them immediately reducing their carbon footprint, prepares them for future environmental regulations and gives an edge over competing vessels along similar trade routes.

Sustainable ships

Both BG Onyx and BG Ruby are expected to be retrofitted this summer with the installation of Value Maritime’s Filtree, including the Clean-Loop system and Carbon Capture feature.

Once the installation is complete, the vessels will continue to trade in North-West Europe emitting considerably less carbon and will utilise Value Maritime outlets across this region to reuse the carbon on land.

This is the first of many contracts Value Maritime intends to sign with German shipowners and charterers.

“A green and financial dividend is the best of both worlds. Not only can our clients reduce their carbon emissions with a system that’s cleaner than MGO and capture carbon onboard their small-large sized vessels, but they can also generate substantial fuel savings, and earn back their investment in 1-2.5 years,” Maarten Lodewijks, Director and Co-Founder – Value Maritime, said.

A clean circular solution

Value Maritime developed Filtree, an innovative system that cleans both air and water from all ship types and includes an integrated carbon capture feature making today’s fleet (newbuild or retrofit) not only sustainable today but future-proof for tomorrow.

The “plug and play” exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) is based on compact technology. It filters sulphur as well as ultra-fine particulate matter from the exhausts of small-large size ships while ensuring the wash water used is also filtered and the ph neutralised before discharge.

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The CO₂ capture feature removes and stores carbon from the vessel’s exhaust gases and uses it to charge a CO₂ battery which can be offloaded and re-used to facilitate the growth of flowers and other crops or used to enrich future fuels such as methanol for dual-fuelled vessels – a truly clean circular solution.

“Value Maritime’s technology offers us an immediate and sustainable solution to reducing our carbon emissions while keeping our vessels commercially competitive and sailing with virtually no disruption to our trading,” Koert Luitwieler, CEO – BG Freight Line, commented.

The contract includes installation and commissioning by the Value Maritime engineering team, initial training and any ongoing maintenance.

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