Bisso Marine Boosts Pipelay Capacity

Houston-based Bisso Marine has acquired offshore pipelay ‘industry’s stalwart’ derrick/pipelay barge GLOBAL IROQUOIS.

The 122m x 30.5m x 9m laybarge has performed pipelay operations worldwide and will be renamed BISSO IROQUOIS.

During the last decade, the barge has been reconfigured and received significant capacity, technology and efficiency upgrades to enable it to perform in very harsh environments for long durations.

The barge was most recently working offshore Brazil, laying numerous pipelines up to 34 inch diameter with heavy concrete coatings in water depths ranging from 6 meters to 91 meters. Most notably, the barge has a track record of laying very large and heavy concrete coated pipe up to 55.5 inches in total diameter as well as laying 30 inch concrete coated pipe in approximately 245 meters of water.

The president and CEO of Bisso Marine, Beau Bisso, said: “This is a significant move for Bisso Marine, as we have been searching for some time now for the perfect asset to substantially upgrade our current pipelay capabilities. The guys that designed and built this barge were clearly in the business of laying very big pipe, and it comes as no surprise to me to see why the barge has such a great reputation. We are very happy to have it in our fleet.”