Blu., Maverik Open LNG Fueling Station in Salt Lake City, USA

Blu., Maverik Open LNG Fueling Station in Salt Lake City

Blu. joined forces with Maverik – Adventure’s First Stop – to open an LNG fueling station at one of Maverik’s locations.

It is the first Blu. station to be co-located at a Maverik Race Trailer Site (commercial and large-vehicle fueling stations). The collaboration between the two companies will help bring the benefits of liquefied natural gas to the heart of industry in Salt Lake City.

“In areas of industrial activity,” said John Hillam, Vice President of the Power Move Division at Maverik Inc., “there is no strong service provider to meet the needs or fuel interests for blue-collar customers. We built this for them.”

The station, located at 1445 S. Gustin Road in Salt Lake City, features a Maverik store and has gasoline, diesel, DEF and LNG refueling lanes. The station allows customers access to the environmental and cost-saving benefits of natural-gas-fueled vehicles.

“The nation is undergoing a revolutionary change,” said Richard Peterson, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Blu. “Natural gas is abundant, clean and American. We like it for those reasons, and truck companies like it because it provides immediate savings to their bottom line.”

LNG World News Staff, September 18, 2013; Image: Blu.