Photo: Bluestream Offshore

Bluestream to provide above-water inspection for Gemini OWF

Bluestream Offshore has signed a contract for the inspection of above-water support structures at the Gemini offshore wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands.

The company will provide management and inspection services, including the provision of a walk-to-work vessel, which will be one from the Chevalier Floatels fleet.

The work is scheduled to be taking place throughout this summer at the Gemini site, located some 85 kilometres north of the Groningen coast.

The contract for above-water inspection follows the inspection operations Bluestream provided for Gemini’s underwater structures, which the company already completed.

The Gemini offshore wind farm comprises 150 Siemens 4 MW turbines and two offshore substations, Buitengaats and ZeeEnergie.

The 600 MW offshore wind farm was officially opened in early May 2017.

The project’s stakeholders include Northland Power (60%), Siemens Project Ventures (20%), HVC (10%) and ALTE LEIPZIGER-HALLESCHE Group.

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