Bombora Launches mWave Intervention Tool Structure Tender

Ocean energy solutions company Bombora has launched a tender with aim to hire a contractor for the fabrication of the intervention tool structure for the mWave wave energy converter demonstrator.

The intervention tool structure is the floating structure which facilitates the subsea installation and removal of modules. It is a steel fabrication with approximate mass of 18 Tons.

The main structure will be delivered complete to Pembroke Dock.

The contractor will also have input into the design of the intervention tool structure to ensure it is aligned with the contractors requirements in order to successfully fabricate and deliver the project.

The contractor will also be responsible for any logistics required in delivering the intervention tool structure to an area within the dockyard in Pembroke Dock

Bombora has set the deadline for receipt of completed tenders for March 25, 2020.

In January this year, Bombora said it has contracted more than 70 percent of its £17-million Pembrokeshire demonstration project.

Bombora’s mWave demonstrator is said to be on schedule to begin the testing phase in 2020, having received full test site consents in the autumn of 2019.